Should You Let Your Kid Win at Games?

Should You Let Your Kid Win at Games?

When swimming like Scrooge McDuck through the tears of a child you just out-bowled by 100 points, you might ask yourself, “Should I have let them win?” After all, children are mentally developing, physically uncoordinated, and worse than adults at pretty much everything. Meanwhile, their fragile psyche is a garden of lifelong insecurities just waiting to be fertilized with your obnoxious victory dances. Read more

4 Signs You're Burnt Out as a Mom

4 Signs You’re Burnt Out as a Mom

Burnt out (adj.): A state in which you are mentally unable to handle any more stress. A state in which your energy and mental resources are depleted.

We all have moments in time in which we feel stressed, but sometimes we don’t even realize how burnt out we are even if others around us can see that we are. Being a burnt-out mom is not only bad for you, but it’s also bad for the people around you. Unfortunately, mothers are socialized to ignore their needs; taking care of us as mothers is considered selfish. Worse still, asking for help is seen as somewhat weak. Read more

5 Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs

5 Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs

During preschool, kids experience structured time together that is both fun and educational.  They learn how to bond with their peers, follow directions and stick to a schedule; all skills that prepare them for school.  For children with special needs, there are certain pre-school activities that work particularly well to keep them engaged, focused and actively learning.  Here are five suggestions that help children with special needs, both in the classroom and at home, get the most out of their learning experiences. Read more

5 Back-to-School Tips

5 Back to School Tips

Going back to school after the long break can be exciting for most children. But for some kids going to school for the first time or transferring to a new one, the first day can be terrifying. Here are five tips for parents to prepare their children for the first day of the term. Read more

12 Signs You're a Postmodern Mom

12 Signs You’re a Postmodern Mom

If you ever spent a Sunday afternoon batch-pureeing organic green beans and mangoes instead of grabbing a good ol’ jar of Gerber’s, and if your new mom’s support group is a Facebook feed, and if you ever considered a baby name change because of the lack of availability of a matching Gmail account, you are certainly not the traditional type when it comes to parenting. Read more