babysitting kit

Babysitting Kit

My daughter (13) is at that age now where she might want to start considering outside babysitting jobs.  She babysits for me all the time but hasn’t begun to babysit for others yet.  I was thinking about how I could make that transition easier for her and to ease my mind a little bit as well.  So that’s how the babysitter bag became to be.  It includes everything she needs for a successful babysitting night.

Some things to add might include:

  • microwave popcorn*
  • smarties (never know when you are going to need a little bribe!)*
  • coloring book
  • markers
  • bedtime book
  • craft packs
  • wet wipes
  • stickers
  • basic first aid supplies (contained in a small organizing bag with wrist strap)

*please always check with parents first about food restrictions

I also created a checklist to include to help her remember to ask the parents some important questions about the kids and any specific instructions.  All very important things to know when babysitting.  I’ve included the free download link below if you’d like to use it as well:

My Babysitter Notes

I remember how nerve wrecking it was to go on a babysitting job for the first time and I just thought this would be a fun way to help ease the butterflies.  What do you think?

PS:  My daughter also has this cute guide, Babysitter’s Business Kit, which includes a lot of helpful babysitting tips and forms.