Beware the Blackout

My friend told me that if you can honestly tell the parents that everything went well during the time of your babysitting, that’s the ideal situation. So last year, before went babysitting for the first time, I spent hours online trying to find advice, tips and whatever info I could on how to be the best babysitter. I was totally ready for everything! Even for the possible end of the world, just not for the blackout.

The parents have left for a theater which was like an hour-long drive, and Emma and I had a great time. We did some coloring, played with her monster village, no problems in sight. But then the power went out. I don’t even know where the circuit breaker is in my own home, there was no way I was finding it in someone else’s household, so there was no way for me to put it back on.

Emma thought it was a great adventure. She took out her flashlight and camping gear and I thought it was actually not that bad as I first imagined. But after an hour or so, the power in some kind of a device that took care of the alarm ran out (I had no idea, her parents explained it all to me afterwards). So suddenly there was beeping all around and I thought, there we go, someone is trying to break in! So I pushed Emma under the dining table and hid there with her. I have no idea how long we were hiding there when I hear someone knocking on the door. After a while the knocking became more persistent and I heard a voice yell: “Police, open the door!“

I was freaking out! I rushed to the door and explained everything about the electricity outage, that I had no idea how to turn it back on, that the alarm went off afterwards and I thought there might have been a thief somewhere in the house. They listened carefully and then burst out laughing. Of course they knew about that alarm thing! So that day I found out there are nasty little alarm devices that will go off if they’re out of juice. Oh well. At least that’s something I tell all my friends before they go babysitting – make sure that you also have the neighbors‘ phone numbers, just in case something like this happens.

Michelle, 16 – Georgia