amazing friendship

Amazing Friendship between Breanna and Izzy

Meet Breanna, the little girl from Pennsylvania, who invited a baby cow into her house without mum knowing. This is one of cases when adults should learn from children.

Video by Billie Jo Decker, the mum


new dad

Advice for New Dads

#1 – Be there when your wife/girlfriend gives birth: And when I say “be there,” I don’t mean being in the hospital’s waiting room. I mean, being there in the delivery room with your lady as she brings a baby into the world. This should be a no-brainer, but I keep hearing about dudes who are “grossed out” by the whole experience. Fair enough. I’ll be real with you here – nothing is beautiful about the act of childbirth. Read more

first sleepover

How To Host Your Child’s First Sleepover

1. Schedule the Sleepover.

Determine what age your child is ready to have a sleepover. A good rule is to add 6 months to the date that the child first starts asking for a sleepover. Of course every child is different, but generally sleepovers start somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9. By this age, your child may already have had an opportunity to sleep over at the grandparents’ house, and will feel comfortable with being away from home. Needless to say if your child misbehaves at any point before the sleepover, threaten to cancel the sleepover as a behavior modification tool. Read more

child designers

Child Designers

Sometimes it would be better, if toy manufacturers left the designing to the ones with the biggest load of fantasy – to children. Canadian artist Wendy Tsao has turned children’s images into toys and created something totally adorable! Read more

child reality

The Reality of a Child

Before we learn how to draw (alright, some of us may never master this skill), our clumsy hands often create bizarre images of the world around us.

Dutch artist Telmo Pieper has photoshopped his own drawings from the time he was a child and tried to show how animals would look if they drew inspiration from his long-gone childhood. Check out the outcome! Read more