“Handy” Tips to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

“Handy” Tips to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

Your Child’s Handwriting

If you’ve seen the infamous note on your child’s school papers from their teacher (“Please write neater!”), it’s time to take action! What you may not realize is that your child is struggling with handwriting because they lack strength in their hands, which is directly impacting their fine motor coordination. Read on to gain some “handy” handwriting tips that you can start trying at home today to improve your child’s writing and that will eliminate notes from teachers on classwork!

1. Exercise Every Day!

Hands need exercise too! Play your child’s favorite song. Invite them to dance around the house with you. As you are dancing, ask your child to copy your dance moves. Repeatedly open and close your hands while you move. Stretch them wide open, squeeze them shut, clap them, snap your fingers, and even wiggle your fingers. Your child won’t even know that they are doing important hand exercises that will strengthen their grip and help them better control a pencil. Completing these exercises to the entire length of the song (approximately three minutes) is all the time you need each day to really see some results.

2. Invest in Grippers

Grippers are great. They really make a difference when it comes to your child’s handwriting. It helps them write not only neater, but straighter and smaller. Often times, children struggle with holding a pencil properly. Grippers set them up with the proper way to write and can be eventually removed once you see a significant improvement with their neatness and accuracy. Plus, they come in dozens of colors and textures, so your child will love to write with them.

3. Swap Out Skinny Pencils and Crayons

Your child may not be ready to use thin pencils and crayons yet. If they are having trouble writing, their motor skills aren’t up to speed yet. Help ease their anxiety by giving them fat crayons and pencils to grip onto and use until they are showing improvement.

4. Cut Away

Put scissors in your child’s hand often. Encourage them to cut out pictures they like in magazines and practice their weekly spelling or sight words by cutting out small, individual letters in newspapers or flyers. Not only will they be able to grip their pencil better, but will be more able to write neater. Plus, they’ll improve their cutting skills as well!

5. Travel Wisely

You can purchase small items that strengthen hands and travel easily that can be stored in your car and utilized on long trips. A stress ball is a great and affordable purchase because it’s fun for your child to squeeze and builds up their coordination and grip. For more “brave” parents; mini containers of play dough are also perfect for them to play with in the car and serve a similar purpose.

These five handy tips are fool proof when it comes to improving your child’s writing. Try them today!

Source: www.parentsware.com