Health Apps Every Parent Should Know

Health Apps Every Parent Should Know

For parents, their children’s health is a constant concern. But today’s busy parents don’t want to wait in a sick room at the doctor’s office or spend hours Googling symptoms. So, we’ve gathered a list of the latest and greatest health apps that you need to know about right now.


Who do you trust more for advice when your little one is sick? Your mom and mom friends, or your child’s doctor? What if you could ask both at once? That is the premise behindMoms1stDoctors2nd, a website that offers free medical information from moms, who are also doctors. “Moms plus Doctors equal providers who are compassionate, nurturing and accomplished,” said the site’s founder, Mark Friend, in a press release. Users can access info on local providers, ask questions and even find out who a mom doc’s own favorite doctor is.

Doctor On Demand

Have you ever wished seeing your doctor was as easy as pushing a button? Doctor On Demandmakes instant access to health care a reality. Patients can download the app to their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and instantly Video Visit with a board-certified physician for pediatric, psychological, lactation needs and more from home. No appointments, and no dragging a sick child to the pediatrician. The first Video Visit is free, and after that, the cost is $40. Some insurance providers even cover the fee.

5-2-1-0 Kids

From the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit comes 5-2-1-0 Kids, a free app geared toward helping kids ages 4-9 be healthier in daily life. The app, which is available for Android and IOS devices, is a collection of four mini-games that teaches kids, through fun games and activities, about making healthy food choices and being more active. For instance, kids earn points for catching healthy foods on their plates and completing non-screen time activities, like drawing a picture. Don’t worry; parents can monitor kids’ screen time. “Our hope is that the app will encourage quality family time. When parents are involved, it really helps reinforce healthy behavior,” said Henry Ford pediatrician Stacy Leatherwood, MD.

Baby Bundle

Designed with new parents in mind, Baby Bundle is a one-stop interactive mobile app with multiple-child functionality. The application is available for iPad and iPhone and was created by nationally renowned parenting expert, mom-of-three, and board-certified pediatrician Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD, aka Dr. Jen. It features monitoring tools, a vaccination and check-up planner, and a sharable Stream of Life photo journal that documents the first two years of a child’s life. Parents can also utilize Baby Bundle’s baby monitor and get advice from, and ask questions to, a medical expert.

30Second Mom

Sometimes all the advice and info out there can be overwhelming. Enter 30SecondMom, an app that offers “snackable” health content for busy moms to read, view and share in just 30 seconds. Creator Elisa All partnered with Loyola University Health System to produce health tips on topics like seasonal illnesses, vaccines, self-care tips and more. The content, authored by five of Loyola’s leading doctors who are also moms, is delivered daily to user’s mobile devices, and it’s free on iPhone and Android.


Kurbo offers free and subscription-based mobile weight loss and health coaching for kids and teens. This digital adaptation of the Stanford Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital pediatric obesity program combines a food and activity tracker with personalized coaching via text and weekly phone calls or video chats. Kurbo follows the Traffic Light approach—red, yellow and green foods—to help kids reduce their BMI (90 percent of kids lose weight or reduce their BMI within three months!), improve self-esteem and establish lifelong healthy habits.


This brand new app is so genius you’ll wonder how you got along without it! TempTraq is a wireless, wearable thermometer patch that takes the pain and fear out of taking your child’s temperature. Your little one can even wear it overnight. Optimized for Bluetooth, the thermometer sends readings to your mobile device so you can be alerted if your child hits a “dangerous” temperature zone, which is preset by you. No more waking a child to get a reading! You can even monitor multiple children at once. The device, which shows a child’s temperature through easy-to-read color coded readings, is $24.99 and includes a free downloadable app for Apple or Android.

Stay healthy!