How To Bond With Your Kids During Holidays

How To Bond With Your Kids During Holidays

The relationship that parents share with their children is so pure and unique that no words can explain or cover the emotions that are related to it. There is no question on the presence of love between a parent and his or her child. Some people feel this is the only relationship worth trusting.

The biggest problem is that nowadays most parents find it extremely difficult to bond with their children as they do not have enough time to spend with their children. In this competitive environment, surviving is not an easy job and to make ends meet, both mother and father often have to work. Parents get so busy in their daily work schedule that somehow children get neglected.

In a normal routine, your busy schedule may not allow you to bond with your children, but holidays give you an excellent opportunity to leave work troubles behind and come close to your kids. This way you get a break from your hectic work schedule and can utilize this time to bond with your kids.

7 Ways to Bond with Your Kids

  • Plan a Vacation: Going out and spending quality time with your kids is one of the most important things you can do with your children. Holidays are the perfect time for going on a vacation with your child. The whole day can be dedicated to playing games, sightseeing, having fun, and much more. There is a considerable margin for spending quality time together when you go on a vacation. Let them pluck mangoes, climb hills, take a dip in the pool and mix with other kids.
  • Help Them With School Home Work: Normally during holidays, children are given a lot of work. You can help them in completing their homework. This can give a strong boost to the confidence level of your child.
  • Watch Movies Together: This is something that can also be done on weekends during day time. During the holidays, you have a lot of time, and if you think there is not much to talk about, then there is nothing better than watching a movie together. Ask your children to select a movie and watch it together.
  • Hear Them Carefully: To get close to your child, you will have to look into his heart and listen to his every small emotion. Be patient and carefully listen to all what your child wants to share with you. Sometimes, their issues may seem unimportant to you, but keep in mind that they are bigger and more valuable to them. Communicate with them and hear what they have to say.
  • Play Games Together: It is not necessary that you should go out to play games with your children. There are many kinds of board games that can be played inside the home. Also, children are extremely fond of playing video games. Grab a PS3 from the market and surprise your kids. Take out a couple of hours from your daily schedule and plan to play some games together.
  • Plan Some Indoor Activities: Activities like singing, gardening, and reading can bring out the best in your child. If there’s a pet in your home, assign your child the responsibility of grooming it. Observe them for a few days and give your child feedback about their performance. Gardening is a type of activity which almost everyone enjoys. Spending half an hour each morning and evening can help you strengthen the bond with your kids.
  • Teach Them: Children are always fascinated by the world of science. Teach them about the creation of the universe and planets surrounding earth. Answer their questions and look out for some more engaging information on science from the internet. Let them know about the importance of volunteerism and how giving away some part of their money can help to make the future of unprivileged kids, which will make your kid more socially responsible.


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