Make an Easy Felt Bunny

Make an Easy Felt Bunny

Would you like to whip up a super cute, easy, chocolate-free Easter treat? It’s so simple to stitch.

Download the pattern HERE and save it so that you can print it whenever you like.

You will need;

–       a piece of felt in your choice of colours

–       a printed copy of the included ‘felt bunny’ pattern

–       cotton embroidery thread in your choice of coordinating or contrasting colour

–       an embroidery needle

–       wadding or stuffing

–       sewing pins

–       scissors

–       35 cm of pretty narrow ribbon or trim

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 1

Step 1 – Cutting out your bunny

Cut out your printed bunny pattern following the black outline. Fold your piece of felt over and pin the bunny pattern in place (through both layers of felt).

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 2

Cut carefully around the bunny template. Remove your pattern (and save for later) and pin your cut out bunny together.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 3

Step 2 – Stitching Time

Thread your needle with two strands of embroidery cotton and secure the ends with a knot. Stitch around the outside of your bunny using the following guidelines; Start at the back of his head (so that any untidy stitching can be covered with the neck bow added at the end).

Use a ‘blanket stitch’ to keep the felt neat. However, if you are new to hand stitching, an ‘overcast stitch’ will work just as well. If you have a young one trying their hand at stitching, start with a ‘running stitch’.

TIP – If you need help here, there are some wonderful images and video tutorials posted online that can easily illustrate the stitching process for you.

Depending on the length of your thread, you will probably need to re-thread your needle with more embroidery cotton, more than once.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 4

Stop stitching about three centimetres before you meet up with where you began. Don’t finish off your stitch though, and make sure you leave the thread where it is, so you can finish off the stitching after you add the stuffing.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 5

 Step 3 – Stuffing the Bunny

Carefully and gently manoeuvre small pieces of stuffing inside the bunny. A chop stick or knitting needle is a great tool for this! Fill the ears and head first, then the feet and body.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 6

Add little pieces at a time until the bunny is evenly stuffed. Pick up your needle and thread again and continue to stitch the bunny closed, making sure you secure the stitching with a couple of extra stitches at the end. You should now have a lovely little stuffed bunny, or two, or three (if you’re loving them as much as me!).

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 7

Step 4 – Finishing Off

To finish off your bunny, tie a pretty bow around his neck. Trim the ribbon ends to the right length, once the bow is complete. It’s also a good idea to heat seal the ribbon ends so they don’t fray.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 9

If being used by small children, it’s best to secure the tied bow with some strong stitches to prevent the ribbon being removed during play. Now your little bunny is all ready for Easter!

Tips and Tricks

–       100% wool felt is more expensive but will give your little bunny longevity for lots of play.

–       Enlarge the pattern to create a range of bunnies in different sizes. Use different colours of felt, thread and bows in coordinating tones. Perfect for creating an Easter centrepiece!



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