Reusable Babysitting Info Board

Reusable Babysitting Info Board

Leaving your child with a sitter can be stressful; make sure you remember all the details by keeping all the pertinent info for your babysitter on a reusable dry-erase info board that you can make yourself.

You need:

  • A frame with a piece of glass on it
  • A dry erase marker (fine or extra fine)
  • A piece of paper

Pick out your favorite frame to use for this simple DIY project. Any frame with a piece of glass on it will do; 5×7 will work, but 8×10 is better.

In your word processing program, make a box the size of the photo area in your frame and create a text box with info that never changes such as your home name and address (in case the sitter needs it), your child’s name, age and any constant info such as food allergies, bedtime, etc. Be sure to include your cell phone numbers and an emergency contact in case you can’t be reached (grandparents, neighbors, etc.)

Include space to write things like tonight’s activity, what’s for dinner, special instructions, and any other info that will be different depending on the day.

You can also use this basic idea to create a family calendar or just a custom dry erase board.