Stop Peeing, Alright Pee, Whatever, Just Don’t Cry!

The task was easy – get Alice from the kindergarten, take her home and look after her for two hours. I had the door key, knew where her kindergarten was and I was told that Alice was a nice but a very quiet and shy 4-year-old.

The kindergarten was about one mile away from Alice’s house, so I thought it would be nice to take a walk instead of driving. We had a good time, Alice was running around, singing a song to a ladybug she found in the grass but all of a sudden she stood still, her face went blank and then it struck me. I thought she might have wanted to pee, so I went over to her to pull her pants down so she could take a wee wee on the grass but I was late. Tears started rolling down her eyes and her purple pants grew darker and darker.

We were about a half way home, so what was I supposed to do? Let the kid walk in soaking wet pants? I couldn’t have let her walk butt naked, could I? So I took her pants off and stuffed her into my hoodie which was so big on her that she looked hilarious. But she loved her new “dress“ and calmed down. Also, I totally became her BFF that day.

Linda, 18 – Texas