That Time I Lost My Son at Disney World

That Time I Lost My Son at Disney World

Hi, my name is Denise, and I lost my 3-year-old son at Disney World.

I know, I know. It sounds really bad, but trust me, not nearly as bad as it felt. Though he was only missing for two minutes tops, those were some of the scariest minutes I have experienced as a mom thus far. The whole thing is still a bit of a blur, but as we were about to head into a ride at the Magic Kingdom, I heard my husband frantically yell, “Where is big boy?!” My eyes quickly darted around our surroundings, which is what happens when he steps out of sight for a minute — except this time they came back with nothing. My sweet, innocent child had completely vanished. Totally and utterly gone. At the busiest place on earth. Oh my god . . . Read more

Why You're a Dang Good Mother

Why You’re a Dang Good Mother

It’s been one of those days.

Crying children. Crumbs and a sticky mess everywhere you step. Running on maybe four hours of sleep. Feels like you’ve done nothing but yell “no!” and “stop!” all day long, and your patience exited the door approximately 30 minutes after you woke up an hour too early. Your hair hasn’t seen shampoo (or a brush, for that matter) in days. And forget about even bothering to get dressed in “normal” clothes. Read more

4 Ways Family Road Trips Have Changed Since Gen Xers Were Kids

You guys know how I often compare our lives growing up as Gen Xers to the lives of our kids and marvel? It’s truly fascinating how things were so different in the “olden days.” Take the common road trip… Sure, there are similarities — we elbowed our siblings, rolled our eyes at our parents as they blared their oldies and asked, “How much farther now?” more times than the Smurfs on their way to visit Father Time. (How many of you were with me for that reference?) And yes, my kids have to go to the bathroom the second we hit the highway, the same way we did. But that may be where the similarities end. Here’s proof: Read more

Motherhood Is Hard! Here’s a Reminder You’re Doing a Phenomenal Job!

There are days when everything goes smoothly. There are no meltdowns. No tears. No injuries. No losses of your own temper or muffled expletives. The littles nap according to a miraculously orchestrated clock. It’s pretty blissful and may be just as rare. When my friend visited last week with her two girls we actually had several days like that. We went to coffee, explored snowy parks, experienced the zoo (it was very Alaskan) and thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s company. The girls played together beautifully and napped simultaneously. It was lovely and bewildering and heartwarming. At one point, the topic came up of how we didn’t have to “work hard” because none of the aforementioned altercations occurred. We wondered if Nate would think we did anything all day. Read more

Best Job Ever

Best Job Ever

With a little bit of luck Babysitting is a dream job. I arrived at the doorstep of the Waters family at 8:00PM sharp. Their two little girls were fast asleep already. The Waters went to the movies, asked me to keep an eye out for the girls and go check them once in a while. Other than that I was free to help myself to anything I wanted in the kitchen, I could watch TV, use their guest computer… They were so nice! I was really surprised! Read more



When I was 14, I started to babysit at my aunt’s place. My cousins were 4 and 5 years old back then. So when I went to babysit for the first time to a completely unknown family I already had some experience. But kids are full of surprises, right?

At first the mom, Mary, and I exchanged a few text messages and she got me and her 5-year-old son, Thobias. Mary was saying how energetic and talented in sports Toby was but that overall he was a good kid. We got along pretty well right away, and Mary liked me too, so we set up the babysitting for the following week. Read more

single mom

7 Advantages of Being a Single Mom

For over a year, I have been a single mom of three little girls, ages 7 and under. I have to say that the transition from married mother to single mother has been especially easy. I think single motherhood suits my personality better, and it certainly seems to have benefited the children. We have a solid routine that is only interrupted by weekends at Dad’s, and our bond with each other is stronger than ever. Read more


Beware the Blackout

My friend told me that if you can honestly tell the parents that everything went well during the time of your babysitting, that’s the ideal situation. So last year, before went babysitting for the first time, I spent hours online trying to find advice, tips and whatever info I could on how to be the best babysitter. I was totally ready for everything! Even for the possible end of the world, just not for the blackout. Read more



I couldn’t have imagined a better family! The Silvermans were totally great! The mom was really nice, two awesome kids (25 months and 7 years old, both boys, that should’ve been a warning though), the household was spotless (the floor was so clean it was actually slippery) and all around the place there were pictures of a happy family. I was really surprised at how well everything looked. Read more