Open Letter to Babysitters Everywhere

Open Letter to Babysitters Everywhere

Dear Babysitters Everywhere,

All the Moms and I just talked.

We’re so grateful that you’re keeping our kids safe while we’re away. We know that brushing a tired toddler’s teeth can be harder than riding an angry bull and that you did your best with the carrots at dinner. Taking care of kids isn’t easy. Guess why we sprint out the door when you arrive, hairbrush and shoes in hand? All Moms everywhere need a break sometimes, and we’re thankful to you for providing one. Read more

10 Things Babysitters Wish You Knew

10 Things Babysitters Wish You Knew

I must admit, I’m pretty excited about this post. It took a lot of work and research but I think the information in it is so valuable not only to moms but to our children that our babysitters watch. Just like any other job, having a babysitter who is happy with their work environment is invaluable and will show up in the way they treat our kiddos and home. Read more

babysitting kit

Babysitting Kit

My daughter (13) is at that age now where she might want to start considering outside babysitting jobs.  She babysits for me all the time but hasn’t begun to babysit for others yet.  I was thinking about how I could make that transition easier for her and to ease my mind a little bit as well.  So that’s how the babysitter bag became to be.  It includes everything she needs for a successful babysitting night. Read more

6 Ways I’ve Kept My Amazing Nanny for Almost 3 Years

6 Ways I’ve Kept My Amazing Nanny for Almost 3 Years

I have been unbelievably fortunate to have had one, and only one, nanny with my daughters since their birth. She’s not paid much and I’m not wealthy (not by a long shot. In fact, I don’t even like the word “nanny” because it sounds too posh. I usually use the term “babysitter”). On several occasions, I’ve even offered to refer her to families where she could make twice and even three times as much money. Nonetheless, she stays with us and I do everything I can think of to keep her happy. Here’s a few of them: Read more

Best Job Ever

Best Job Ever

With a little bit of luck Babysitting is a dream job. I arrived at the doorstep of the Waters family at 8:00PM sharp. Their two little girls were fast asleep already. The Waters went to the movies, asked me to keep an eye out for the girls and go check them once in a while. Other than that I was free to help myself to anything I wanted in the kitchen, I could watch TV, use their guest computer… They were so nice! I was really surprised! Read more


Differences Between Nannies and Babysitters

Part-time nanny, live-in nanny, mother’s helper. There are endless caregiver names posted all over caregiving websites. It can be confusing for both families looking to hire a sitter and caregivers searching for jobs. Here’s a look at how we would define the roles.

But no matter what name you choose, one thing remains the same — caregivers have the great responsibility of supervising children in a way that is healthy and safe. And hopefully everyone has fun in the process. Read more


How to Become an Amazing Babysitter

Babysitting is an awesome way to make some cash pretty easily. However, there are many responsibilities that come with it. So before you start with babysitting, check out these must-knows!

Write down or keep in mind:

All emergency numbers: the local police, fire department and the child’s doctor’s office. In case you don’t know these numbers you should dial the universal emergency number of your country (e.g. 911 in the U.S. or 112 in Europe).

Where the first aid kit is kept. Also, having gone through a first aid course would definitely give you props. Read more