Back to School for Moms

Today’s the first day of school throughout much of the nation (yes, we know it is the half of August, but that’s how many school districts roll), and if you’re anything like the ladies of WhatsUpMoms, it’s not all babbling and tears, but freedom and the opportunity to run errands children-free! In honor of our brethren who have packed their first lunchboxes of the year, we give you this oldie, but goodie! Enjoy, ladies . . . we’re just a month behind you!

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9 Books to Get Kids Excited For School

9 Books to Get Kids Excited For School

Whether your child has already had their first day of school and still isn’t quite on board or is anticipating the big day with equal amounts of excitement and anxiety, you can help ease the transition into the school year with one of the following books. Some are just funny, others are sweet, and all are designed to help your child become a successful, happy, and eager student! Read more

5 Back-to-School Tips

5 Back to School Tips

Going back to school after the long break can be exciting for most children. But for some kids going to school for the first time or transferring to a new one, the first day can be terrifying. Here are five tips for parents to prepare their children for the first day of the term. Read more

Why You Deserve to Go Back to School

Why You Deserve to Go Back to School

You’ve had kids and either your career is stalling or you’re a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have a career to return to (or one you want to go back to!), so you think to yourself, “Why don’t I go back to school and finally get a degree, finish my degree, or further my education?”

Everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea: your in-laws, your partner, and your friends.

Besides you. Read more