What Happened When a Kid Called My Kid Fat

What Happened When a Kid Called My Kid Fat

I was picking my daughter up from aftercare, but once again, she didn’t want to leave. She was sitting at a little preschool-size table with one of her BFFs, and they were drawing pictures together. She had on leggings, a t-shirt, and a puffy zip-up vest. As I coaxed my girl to hurry up, her little friend pointed at my girl and said while laughing, “She’s so fat!”

Instantly, my blood tingled. I felt my face get a little hot. Read more

How to Teach Your Daughters to Love Their Bodies

How to Teach Your Daughter to Love Her Body

Our daughters must fight incredible hurdles to become comfortable with their bodies. Hollywood insists that you will only be loved if you are slim and girls believe that being in an abusive relationship is better than not being in one. They believe no one will love them if they are fat. As a mother of two beautiful girls I want to make sure they know their great worth as women. One of the most important things I have learned is to ensure each of my daughters loves her body no matter what society says it should look like. Read more

Why It's Important to Teach Children Anatomically Correct Body Parts

Why It’s Important to Teach Children Anatomically Correct Body Parts

Even adults feel bashful when using the words “penis” or “vagina” from time to time, because let’s be honest, they’re a little bit silly sounding. However, these anatomically correct terms are nothing to be ashamed of, and sex-abuse prevention educators are claiming that it is important for children to use these words rather than euphemisms when referring to “private parts.”

Laura Palumbo, a prevention specialist for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), said that the usage of this language, “promotes positive body image, self confidence, and parent-child communication; discourages perpetrators; and, in the event of abuse, helps children and adults navigate the disclosure and forensic interview process.” Read more

Poor Body Image: It's Not Just For Girls Anymore

Poor Body Image: It’s Not Just For Girls Anymore

From the moment my daughter was born, I was prepared. I knew how I wanted her to feel about her body and I armed myself with all the resources needed to counteract the hostile views of the female body we are bombarded with on a daily basis. I read numerous articles about body image and little girls. What to say to them about their bodies. What not to say to them about their bodies. How to address the skewed images of women my daughter will undoubtedly see in the media. Read more