5 Lessons Babies Can Teach Us About Breakfast

5 Lessons Babies Can Teach Us About Breakfast

An article today on The Kitchn imagines the lessons a woman’s 10-month-old would teach her about breakfast if he could write. She says that having to make sure he had a good, varied, healthy breakfast every day inspired her to think more about her own, and now it’s inspiring me, too.

Remember when we used to have to cut up grapes and blueberries just so they were safe for our kids to eat? Remember when we used to make sure we gave them different flavors every day, and new textures to try? I’m thinking about it now, and realizing that there are some lessons I could stand to remember from my children’s babyhood. When the kids get bigger and I’m not focused as intensely on the primal needs, it’s too easy to forget how important that first meal is, and what I can do to make it better for them (and maybe for myself, too).

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American Kids' Reactions to Breakfasts Around the World

American Kids’ Reactions to Breakfasts Around the World Are Hysterical

A bowl of milk and cereal has never looked quite so tasty to these American tots. Kids are notoriously picky eaters, so how would they react to seeing what their counterparts eat for breakfast in various countries around the world? After seeing a New York Times photo essay about kids’ first meal of the day, the people behind Kitchen Bowl and Cut Video set out to see for themselves — and the results were hysterical! Watch as American kids try and react to traditional breakfasts from Korea, Brazil (coffee for kids?), Finland, Vietnam (black eggs?), Poland, and the Netherlands. They may not know where these countries are, but it looks like at least a few of them will be heading back to the Netherlands for a little chocolate with their toast! Read more