7 Ways Moms Get Their Kids to Clean Their Rooms

7 Ways Moms Get Their Kids to Clean Their Rooms

My daughter’s room looked like a tornado had whipped through it. Every single one of her bureau drawers was open, with clothes spilling out. Clothes and laundry were all over the floor, to the extent that I could no longer see the floor. I couldn’t see her desk, either, because of the piles of papers, magazines, and assorted treasures. The bean bag chair was home to a bazillion Rainbow Loom creations. A desk chair was parked in front of her open closet door, so she could reach the top shelf and get to clothes stored there. Read more

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Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

It’s a battle that is waged in millions of households across America every Saturday morning. Mom or Dad or both say, perhaps gently the first time, “Okay, guys. It’s time to clean up your rooms.” The kids whine, dawdle, get distracted, or outright go on strike. As the morning wears on, the reminders get increasingly loud and more demanding. “How many times do I have to tell you to clean up this mess? You’ll get it done and NOW or ELSE!”

Parents feel they have to impose some order. Kids want their rooms to be their own – messy – castles. The struggle escalates. Threats get made. Kids comply a little. Parents scold a lot. Eventually everyone is in a bad mood. Sometimes parents give up in exhaustion or do most of it themselves in frustration. Sometimes the kids do it, or do it enough, if only to get their parents off their backs, to avoid consequences, or to get on with things that are more fun. Another Saturday, another round. Read more