What It's Like to Give the Dad Control

What It’s Like to Give the Dad Control

I’m fully aware that there are more stay-at-home dads these days, as well as many hands-on dads, but still . . . moms on the whole appear to be the one manning the ship when it comes to child-rearing. So when my husband and I separated and I had to give up time with my daughter — three overnights a week for now while she’s in preschool — I realized that not only would I miss her, but I also would have to give up control for that time when she’s gone.

I had been a stay-at-home mom and had gone back to work only recently, so giving up control when it came to my child was still a relatively new concept. I had just handed her over to her preschool and grandparents for safekeeping, and now I had to give up three whole days to her father. Of course he deserves that time with her, and I trust him; it’s not that. It was knowing that I, the mom, would be somewhat out of the loop for three whole days while her dad took over the reins. Even though her dad Skypes with me so I can say good morning and good night and we keep in communication with each other, it’s not the same thing as being in the room with her. Read more

Dad Is Important for His Children's Development

Dad Is Important for His Children’s Development

A sensitive and attentive father has a positive influence on his child’s development. But only if he spends a considerable amount of time with the child during its first year.

“Being a sensitive and attentive dad doesn’t help if you don’t spend enough time with your child. However, time isn’t enough in itself. It’s the combination of time and quality that has an impact,” says researcher Kristin Berg Nordahl. Read more