Cooking in the Car

As the Summer temperatures rise, there’s one important message going out to parents: never forget your children in the car on a hot day. We’ve previously seen one dad lock himself in a steamy car to show parents what can happen to their kids, and now a chef is speaking out on the subject. Chef Haim Cohen shared a seemingly innocent video about how to cook pizza in your car. But it quickly takes a dramatic turn once you realize the underlying message. See the shocking results above. Read more

Allow Your Kids to Do Dangerous Things

Allow Your Kids to Do Dangerous Things

When I was a kid, we did lots of scary and dangerous things! It was our way of exploring the world and getting to know how to negotiate it and come out alive. Here are my top ten favorite dangerous things, which have been inspired by my own experience and also having read Gever Tully’s book, 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your kids do).

Just in case you think I am totally irresponsible, let me make it clear that the most important lesson from all this is to let our kids experience the world safely. The goal is to let them gain competence, thus minimizing any risks. Read more