Potential Ways Your Child May Act Out During Divorce

Potential Ways Your Young Child May Act Out During Divorce

When my ex-husband and I finally decided to separate and proceed with a divorce, I ran to the Internet hoping for information on how my 3-year-old would handle the divorce. Other than a few general articles, there wasn’t much out there on what I should expect and how to handle her. Sure, we found a book on divorce to read to her and we spoke with her teachers, but otherwise it felt like we were becoming new parents all over again. How would this impact our girl? Would she handle it well? What about in the future with her relationships? I felt like we were jumping off a bridge and hoping to land safely. Read more

A Letter to My Daughter About My Divorce

A Letter to My Daughter About My Divorce

Dear Daughter:

In just a week or so, you will be 4. Your life is full of wonder and fun. You love princesses, fairies, My Little Pony, The Muppets, drawing, singing, playing pretend, dancing, chocolate, stickers, books, and Snoopy. You tell me your opinion on everything, yet still beg me to carry you from time to time and petition to sleep in my bed with me. Read more