15 Tips for Making Friends after a Move

15 Tips for Making Friends after a Move

We have moved nine times in our 14 years of marriage. Some moves have taken us across the country and other moves have taken us to the city next door. Surprisingly, every move is hard in its own way. Making close friends quickly and easily only happened 1 out of 9 times.

After so many moves, I realized that the faster I make friends, the better I like our new spot. The longer I wait, the more I regret not becoming closer to people sooner. That being said, making friends is a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding. So, if you are new to an area (or not so new) and feeling lonely, dive in! Read more

amazing friendship

Amazing Friendship between Breanna and Izzy

Meet Breanna, the little girl from Pennsylvania, who invited a baby cow into her house without mum knowing. This is one of cases when adults should learn from children.

Video by Billie Jo Decker, the mum