100 Things That Drive Parents Crazy

100 Things That Drive Parents Crazy

While no one ever said parenting was easy, someone should have at least told us how unnecessarily hard it would be sometimes.

I know I would have appreciated knowing just how challenging infinitesimal inconveniences would make everyday parenting. How all the drama would indeed be saved for Mama and just how often I’d find myself thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Read more

Kids Don't Need Toys, Really!

Kids Don’t Need Toys, Really!

Parents, I have a tip for you —

You may just want to give up on any of your “grand plans” to have your children play with “toys” or even “educational” activities.

Because it’s not going to work.

Oh, h-e-double hockey sticks no. Your children are not amateurs. They will not succumb to playing with anything you actually want them to. Currently, I have an entire level of my house — an entire level, I tell you — devoted solely to my children’s playthings. Read more

Back to School for Moms

Today’s the first day of school throughout much of the nation (yes, we know it is the half of August, but that’s how many school districts roll), and if you’re anything like the ladies of WhatsUpMoms, it’s not all babbling and tears, but freedom and the opportunity to run errands children-free! In honor of our brethren who have packed their first lunchboxes of the year, we give you this oldie, but goodie! Enjoy, ladies . . . we’re just a month behind you!

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Ping Pong Shooters

Ping Pong Shooters

This adorable DIY game is a simple and cheap way to keep your kiddos busy and active on long Summer days, when it feels like every other activity has been exhausted. Your littles will love launching ping-pong balls around the yard with their new Ping Pong Shooters, and the best part for you? You can probably find all of the items you need laying around the house! Read more

True Parenting

True Parenting

Life’s not quite as picturesque as Instagram pictures make it look. Kids don’t smile when you ask them to, family rooms aren’t spotless and clutter-free, and moms don’t always have it all together. That’s why Danielle Guenther’s Best Case Scenario series of photographs speaks so well to parents. The Hoboken, NJ-based family photographer has taken to adding some real-life (though somewhat exaggerated) photos into her mix, and the results are hysterical. Read more