The Best Gifts to Say "Thank You" to Your Child's Teacher

The Best Gifts to Say “Thank You” to Your Child’s Teacher

It’s almost time for school to end! Some of you moms are not looking forward to the “Oh, I’m bored” complaints, and other moms aren’t looking forward to paying for Summer camp. No matter what your Summer situation — for vacation or planning to go crazy — let’s not forget to honor the men and women who took care of your kids all yearlong this year: your child’s teacher!

I remember my teaching days fondly, and I was used to getting little gifts from my little ones and their parents either at the holidays or the end of the year. Sure, I loved the Starbucks and Barnes & Noble gift cards, but those weren’t the gifts or things I remembered the most. Breaking the bank to say thank you to your kid’s teacher is not necessary, but taking a moment to let this person know you appreciated him or her is, as long as he or she was a good teacher! So before you panic about setting aside money for a big old gift for the teacher, check out these ideas. Read more