Childhood Obesity

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Balance is key in helping your child maintain a healthy weight. Balance the calories your child eats and drinks with the calories used through physical activity and normal growth.

Overweight and obese children and teens should reduce the rate of weight gain while allowing normal growth and development. Don’t put your child on a weight-reduction diet without talking to your health care provider. Read more

Helping Kids Cope with Stress

Helping Kids Cope with Stress

To adults, childhood can seem like a carefree time. But kids still experience stress. Things like school and their social life can sometimes create pressures that can feel overwhelming for kids. As a parent, you can’t protect your kids from stress — but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve everyday problems.

Kids deal with stress in both healthy and unhealthy ways. And while they may not initiate a conversation about what’s bothering them, they do want their parents to reach out and help them cope with their troubles. Read more

Health Apps Every Parent Should Know

Health Apps Every Parent Should Know

For parents, their children’s health is a constant concern. But today’s busy parents don’t want to wait in a sick room at the doctor’s office or spend hours Googling symptoms. So, we’ve gathered a list of the latest and greatest health apps that you need to know about right now. Read more

children and allergies

Children and Allergies

A child who sneezes or coughs a lot, who frequently develops a rash or hives, or who gets a stomachache, cramps or nausea after eating certain foods may have allergies. Any child may develop allergies, but they are more common in children from families with a history of such reactions.

Early identification of childhood allergies will improve your child’s quality of life, reduce the number of missed school days and help you avoid having to use sick time or vacation days to care for your child.

Read more

fruit pouches

Are Vegetable and Fruit Pouches Healthy?

As a parent of two little ones, I’m always on the lookout for quick, healthy snacks. But as a registered dietitian, I know that most packaged snacks are full of sugar, fillers and preservatives, and lacking real nutrition. So I was intrigued when squeezable vegetable-and-fruit pouches appeared on shelves—especially when I saw that many contained organic produce without refined sugar and had few preservatives. Parents have gone gaga over them, and companies now offer up every imaginable combo, even including Greek yogurt and quinoa. For busy, health-conscious parents, these pouches are gold. Read more

Kids and Nose-Picking

Kids and Nose-Picking: Why It’s Actually Totally Normal

Melissa Newcomb describes it as the “snail trail.” Her son Harrison, 3, frequently picks his nose, then the curled digit trails down to his mouth and goes in—straight from one orifice to another.

“About a quarter of the day he’s got his finger in his nose,” says the mom of four from St. Stephen, NB. Harrison, a triplet, often doesn’t actually remove anything, but if he does he’ll sample the goods. Meanwhile, his brother Graeson prefers smearing his boogers on the wall to eating them. “That grosses me out more than the snail-trail issue,” Newcomb laments. Read more

TV and Kid’s Health

TV and Kid’s Health

The current generation of kids in the UK spend more time looking at screens than ever before. Between 24-hours kids’ TV programming, games consoles, laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are a lot of screens keeping a lot of children occupied.

Back in our day, young television viewers were catered for with an hours’ worth of children’s shows after school each day and an hour or two on a Saturday morning. These days, we have designated children’s channels, many of which broadcast all day and through the night, so obviously, there is going to be a contrast between the amount of time parents spent watching television as kids and how much our own children now watch. So while the amount of TV children were watching wasn’t much of a concern for our parents, it is something we need to be aware of. Read more

Skin Soothers

Skin Soothers

Rosy baby cheeks are cute, but not when they come from eczema. Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin disorder that causes patches of red, itchy skin and, occasionally, blisterlike bumps. This common condition affects about 1 in 10 children, with 60 percent showing symptoms before their first birthday. Read more