How To Bond With Your Kids During Holidays

How To Bond With Your Kids During Holidays

The relationship that parents share with their children is so pure and unique that no words can explain or cover the emotions that are related to it. There is no question on the presence of love between a parent and his or her child. Some people feel this is the only relationship worth trusting.

The biggest problem is that nowadays most parents find it extremely difficult to bond with their children as they do not have enough time to spend with their children. In this competitive environment, surviving is not an easy job and to make ends meet, both mother and father often have to work. Parents get so busy in their daily work schedule that somehow children get neglected.

In a normal routine, your busy schedule may not allow you to bond with your children, but holidays give you an excellent opportunity to leave work troubles behind and come close to your kids. This way you get a break from your hectic work schedule and can utilize this time to bond with your kids. Read more

The Key to Your Family's Successful Summer

The Key to Your Family’s Successful Summer

If you’re like most families (including mine) summer is one of the busiest times. There are birthday parties, summer sports, vacations, and with the longer summer days, it’s really exhausting.

Unfortunately, because of how tiring it is for you, summer often goes by with your kids spending most of it in front of the TV. Sure, your family might go to the lake like usual, but the rest of the summer is a blur for your kids. Before you know it, it’s time to go back to school and your kids are complaining because “we didn’t even do anything fun this summer”. Read more