5 Time-Saving Lunch-Packing Hacks

5 Time-Saving Lunch Packing Hacks

As much as I’d love to say I pack my child’s lunch regularly the night before she heads to school, I’m often scrambling in the morning attempting to toss something edible together. And dealing with all those individually packed items turns into a big garbage mess. Dedicate a few minutes to lunch-packing prep on Sunday evenings and you’ll save time — and your sanity — in the mornings.

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What’s For Lunch?

School Lunches:

1. Before school starts, find out about your kid’s school lunch program. Call or go online to find out the types of meals, how much they cost and how to pay for them. I’ve done payments by cash, check and online and let me tell you…online is totally the way to go! Most online programs not only show you your balance, but they can also let you set reminders of when your account is low, automatically deposit money when the account get down to a certain level, allow you to monitor what your kids eat, and even let you to establish “off limit” foods for your kids. How cool is that? Read more