Mommy Wants a Nap

Mommy Wants a Nap

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to hit pause? Let me rephrase, do you ever have a day where you don’t want to hit pause? Lately I feel like I’ve been trying to chase an unwieldy boulder careening downhill . . . while wearing a blindfold . . . and with one arm tied behind my back.

I’m not exactly your typical working mom. My “day job,” if you will, involves working with children facing developmental or behavioral challenges and that has me driving to schools and students’ homes. My other job — and yes I consider it to be a legit job — is writing and I can fortunately do that anywhere and at any time. Both jobs require using my brain and I can’t really go on auto-pilot. Well, I could, but the outcome probably wouldn’t be great. Read more

nap time

Nap Time

If only babies arrived with a personal napping manual. Then you’d know whether you have a child who will happily take daily naps until preschool or the type who will abandon them altogether by age 3. You would be able to count on having free time every afternoon instead of wondering whether you’ll be able to squeeze in a shower. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how well your little one will nap-or until what age. But there are some things you can do to encourage healthy napping. Here, we answer all your questions about daytime sleep. Read more