Breastfeeding Apps for Busy Moms

8 Breastfeeding Apps for Busy Moms

When it comes to breastfeeding, I tend to be a bit old-fashioned. Instead of logging feeding times or reminding myself which breast the baby nursed off of last, I simply go with the ol’ grab-and-grope to see which boob is bigger. And as long as my baby is rocking some serious thunder thighs, I figure she’s getting enough milk.

But for moms looking to up their breastfeeding game with a little help from technology, whether it’s keeping track of feedings with other care providers, or simply utilizing an online village of support in the sometimes difficult world of breastfeeding, an app made for breastfeeding moms might be just the ticket. Read more

Nursing in Public

Nursing in Public

In the United States, breasts are considered sexual objects, and while it is just fine to expose them falling out at the pool in a bikini, or  in advertisements for just about any product you can think of, many people feel that there is something disgusting about that same breast when it has a baby attached to it.

The previous generation bottle fed their babies, so many people have never  seen a woman breastfeeding. That’s one reason that a mother nursing in public has a degree of ‘shock value’, and is considered by many to be a private activity that should only be conducted behind closed doors – or in bathroom stalls. Breastfeeding is not an excretory function, and there is no reason to hide when you feed your baby. How would you like to eat your lunch in a public restroom? Read more