Making Family Events Special

Making Family Events Special

How can we make family events like parties or vacations more special?

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, and summer vacations – these are special times in a family’s life and can create lasting memories.

However, as treasured and important as these events are, some families try to make too much of them. Parents may try to turn each birthday party into the best one ever. Or they feel they have to fulfill every wish on their children’s gift lists. Inevitably, that kind of attitude creates anxiety and disappointment, since few events turn out perfectly. Read more

Baby Shower Planning and Etiquette

Who should throw the baby shower?

Anyone except the expectant couple — though Miss Manners might disagree. Formal etiquette says that someone who’s not a relative must throw the shower to avoid having it look as though the family is asking for presents.

Our advice? Ignore traditional rules. Any relative, close friend, or close co-worker should feel perfectly okay about planning a baby shower. Read more