Picky Eater’s New Anthem

We all gotta eat, which means at some point we’ll all have to cook something. Kids seem to fall into two eating categories: non-stop or non-start. If your kids ask for food a minimum of 15 times per day and say they’re hungry as they’re finishing the last meal you made for them, they belong to the non-stop eaters category.

If you can’t get your kids to take a bite of anything and they have zero interest in food, they fall into the non-start eaters category. Read more

Proven Strategies for Picky Eaters

Proven Strategies for Picky Eaters

Until about two years ago, 9-year-old Tyler Blatzheim’s diet consisted mostly of milk, applesauce, crustless PB&J, and crackers. “His pediatrician kept telling me not to worry because Tyler was otherwise healthy — even his weight and height were fine,” recalls his mom, Jocelyn, of Gambrills, Maryland. “The doctor said he would grow out of being picky.” Read more