Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

“Eating for two” during pregnancy doesn’t mean you should gorge on doughnuts and chips. It means what you eat affects the health of both you and baby. Maintaining proper nutrition during pregnancy can help keep you energized through all three trimesters, and it can give your growing baby the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to develop correctly. Eating a little junk food now and then will not harm you and your baby, but you don’t want to get all of your daily calories from foods high in fat and low in nutrients. Read more

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Pregnant? The 1 Thing You Must Do Right Now

When I was pregnant, there were plenty of things I made sure to do before the baby arrived, whether it was going on a date night or sleeping past 10 a.m. (Though, warning: sleeping past 7 a.m. will soon feel gluttonous.) But one thing I didn’t do enough of was leave. Just leave.

If you are pregnant and reading this, just stand up and walk out your front door. Right now. Just walk through that door, and close it behind you. Bring a wallet, or not. Take or leave your cell phone, I don’t care. Just leave and don’t come back for, say, 20 minutes. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Read more