Choosing Sun Protective Clothing

Choosing Sun Protective Clothing

One of the best barriers between your skin and the sun is clothing, so try to cover as much skin as possible. Long pants and shirts with a collar and long sleeves are best.

What to look for when choosing sun protective clothing  

Not all clothing fabric is equal. Look for a swing tag with a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating to be sure. The UPF rating provides information on how much UV radiation will pass through unstretched, dry material. Any fabric rated above UPF15 provides good protection against UV radiation, but UPF50+ is recommended. Sun-protective clothing provides protection by absorbing and reflecting UV radiation that strikes the surface of the fabric and by covering as much of the body as possible. Read more

The Doll That Teaches Children the Importance of Sun Protection

No one ever said slathering sunscreen on a small child was easy. They want to get outsideright that second, they are in the middle of playing and can’t deal with you asking them to come over for a reapplication, or maybe you just have a very particular child who happens to hate the feeling of the sticky lotion on her body and will complain the whole way through application (this was me, sorry Mom). Read more