How to Get Your Child Ready for Middle School

How to Get Your Child Ready for Middle School

Many adults, when asked about their middle-school experiences, have few positive stories to share. Middle-school students can be cruel, and the emotional and physical changes that they face can be cruel as well. But middle school can also be a time of great self-exploration, and with the right preparation, your child can enjoy her sixth- through eighth-grade years. The three pieces of advice that appear below, as well as your own experience, can help your family conquer the unfair myths of middle school. Read on for more information:

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Is My Child Ready for School?

Your child has to be in full-time education from the term after he turns five. However, as schools have their main intake for the year in September, many children actually start before they turn five. So, if your child is one of these four-year-olds gearing up for school, how can you be sure he’s ready? Read on for tips and guidance.

How can I check if my child is ready for school?

No single factor determines whether your child is ready to start school. The way he speaks, thinks and gets on with other children are all important. You know your child best. You know what he can do, when he gets tired and what upsets him. Read more