7 Ways Moms Can Get a Summer Break

7 Ways Moms Can Get a Summer Break

If you’d spied on me the other night as I walked home from my commute, this is what you would have seen: A woman walking by a running sprinkler, stopping in her tracks, dropping her tote bag, hopping onto the lawn, and walking back and forth through the streams of water. It might have seemed like I’d lost it. But really, I’d had a long day at work and needed a flash of f-u-n. Read more


Relax, Mom! Seven Ways to Take Five

Sure, a weekend at a spa would be lovely, but realistically that’s just not going to happen right now. However, you can still decompress and recharge your batteries with these five-minute mood-boosters:

  • Take it outside. Head out for a walk with (or without) your baby in tow. Fresh air and (if you’re lucky) sunshine have a way of making everything seem a little less intense. Read more