How to Ensure Your Kids Never Think You Have Favorites

How to Ensure Your Kids Never Think You Have Favorites

Somewhere on the list of Top 5 Least True Parenting Cliches (which are carved in stone and buried somewhere in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, if you’re wondering) is this whopper: “I love all my kids the same.” Whoever first said that was looking nervously at his kids, hoping no one noticed he was sweating.

Your job isn’t to make your kids feel like you love them all the same; it’s to ensure that they know the unique way in which you love each of them. Read more

5 Tips For Stopping Sibling Squabbles

5 Tips For Stopping Sibling Squabbles

When you welcome a younger sibling into your family, you have visions of your kids growing up together, leaning on each other, and being each other’s best friends. What you don’t envision is mediating constant battles, contending with sibling rivalry, and the kids’ outright disdain for each other.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dr. Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings, says it starts with the environment parents create at home. “If you do the hard work to regulate your emotions, your children will, too,” she says. “If you create a sweet, deep relationship with each child, they won’t be threatened by their sibling. If you take the time to teach them to express their needs without attacking the other person and to find win/win solutions, they will have the skills to work things out with each other and to create rewarding relationships for the rest of their lives.” Read more

When Siblings Should Stop Bathing Together?

How to Decide: When Siblings Should Stop Bathing Together?

When your tots are tiny, you don’t question shared baths. But as little kids grow older, many moms express confusion about when to switch to a separate bath routine. And let’s face it, one bath at the end of a long day is often better than two, but older kids need their independence (and privacy)! So along with the help of some Circle of Moms members, we’ve rounded up three important perspectives to help you decide when to transition your kids to solo baths. Read more

new sibling

The Arrival of a Rival (A New Sibling)

Bringing a new sibling into the family is, without a doubt, cause for celebration. But like it or not, it’s also cause for upheaval and a drastic change in family dynamics — especially where your toddler is concerned. Your tot has gotten used to the status quo — his world as it is now — and he probably likes it just the way it is. He’s the one and only child, and you and Dad are the doting adults. Read more