12 Signs You're a Postmodern Mom

12 Signs You’re a Postmodern Mom

If you ever spent a Sunday afternoon batch-pureeing organic green beans and mangoes instead of grabbing a good ol’ jar of Gerber’s, and if your new mom’s support group is a Facebook feed, and if you ever considered a baby name change because of the lack of availability of a matching Gmail account, you are certainly not the traditional type when it comes to parenting. Read more
9 Signs Your Daughter Might Be a Mean Girl

9 Signs Your Daughter Might Be a Mean Girl

There’s a mean girl in just about every school, clique, band, soccer team, religious education class, or carpool. This type of bullying is scary for parents, because we often worry that our sweet daughter is the subject of such relational aggression, but what if the tables are turned and your child is actually the mean girl? Would you be able to tell? Check out these telltale signs that your daughter may be taking her pack-leader status to straight-up tyranny. Read more