Your Preschool Teacher Wants You to Know

Your Preschool Teacher Wants You to Know

Preschool is a big step — up until now, your child probably hasn’t spent too much time (or any at all) in a classroom with a large number of children, and likely hasn’t spent too long being away from you or away from a nanny or daycare that they feel comfortable with. Along with leaving you for the day, they are also expected to behave and act differently than they do at home — and if this is your first child going to school, you might have a lot to learn as well. Read more
How to Teach Your Children Mind-Mapping

How to Teach Your Children Mind-Mapping

Do you have children? Would you like to give them more fun in studying? Do you want to help them in ace-ing their tests at school? If so, you should definitely continue reading, as there are amazing things your child can learn from you! After reading this article, you will be a personal mind-mapping coach for your child.

Most people know about mind-mapping already. Do you use it yourself as well? I am sure most people use or have used the technique in one form or the other. The reason it works so well is because it makes use of both sides of your brain, taking the slightly more analytical left side and using words and relationships. It also benefits from the slightly more creative or colourful right side, using images and colours. Read more

9 Skills That Every Kid Should Learn

9 Skills That Every Kid Should Learn

Kids in today’s school system are not being prepared well for tomorrow’s world.

As someone who went from the corporate world and then the government world to the ever-changing online world, I know how the world of yesterday is rapidly becoming irrelevant. I was trained in the newspaper industry, where we all believed we would be relevant forever — and I now believe will go the way of the horse and buggy. Read more

Communication Skills

What Makes Your Child “Tick”? Using Children’s Interests to Build Communication Skills

Have you ever been to a party and found yourself talking to someone with whom you have nothing in common? The conversation quickly goes downhill, with both of you feeling awkward and not having much to say. Conversely, chatting with someone who shares a common interest with you is easy and enjoyable. You don’t need to think about what to say next and you are motivated to share your ideas.

The same is true for children. Once we take a closer look at what captures children’s attention, and find ways to join them in their interests, we can interact with them in ways that build their communication skills. This premise is so important that the Center on Everyday Child Language Learning (CECLL) in the United States is dedicated to researching the effect of using children’s interests and everyday activities on their communication and language skills. Read more

Curious and Fun

Curious and Fun 4-year-olds

Your 4-year-old is full of energy, talkative and curious. He’s eager to show you what he can do, and you will both be excited by his accomplishments. He constantly tests his environment and will waffle between feelings of security and insecurity. Your 4-year-old may also be a bossy little tyke who feels the need to be in charge. You will experience emotional highs and lows with this age and each day will be a new challenge — for both of you.

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