24 Tips For Packing Your Kids' Camp Trunks

24 Tips For Packing Your Kids’ Camp Trunks

Before sending your kids off to camp for the Summer of their lives, there’s one big hurdle you must cross — packing up the dreaded trunks. Yes, you’ve packed your kids for a trip before, but packing for camp is its own beast — and one that strikes fear in the hearts of type-A parents everywhere. From what to pack to how to do it, we’ve got your definitive guide to getting all of your kids’ stuff together so the only thing you’ll have left to worry about is what you’ll write in all of those letters.

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5 SunSmart Steps

5 SunSmart Steps

Active, out5 SunSmart stepsdoor play across the day throughout the year is important for health and development. Whenever you’re outside during the sun protection times, make sure the whole family are well protected, including the adults, by using these 5 SunSmart steps, even if it’s cool or cloudy. Read more

Fun and Fruity Ice Pops to Beat the Summer Heat

Fun and Fruity Ice Pops

Feel the freeze! There’s nothing better than a cold snack on a hot Summer day. Fight the smoldering Summer heat by cooling down with these pretty fresh-fruit ice pops. They’re so easy to make that you’ll enjoy making them just as much as tots will enjoy eating them! Read more

The Key to Your Family's Successful Summer

The Key to Your Family’s Successful Summer

If you’re like most families (including mine) summer is one of the busiest times. There are birthday parties, summer sports, vacations, and with the longer summer days, it’s really exhausting.

Unfortunately, because of how tiring it is for you, summer often goes by with your kids spending most of it in front of the TV. Sure, your family might go to the lake like usual, but the rest of the summer is a blur for your kids. Before you know it, it’s time to go back to school and your kids are complaining because “we didn’t even do anything fun this summer”. Read more

homemade butterfly feeder

Homemade Butterfly Feeder

According to a study published in the June 2003 issue of “Conservation Biology,” there are 561 known butterfly species in the US and Canada, while there are only 56 butterfly species remaining in British counties, as a result of disappearing habitat. Not only are these insects beautiful, they’re important pollinators and vital to the health of their natural habitats. You can encourage these gentle creatures to visit your garden by using easy-to-make butterfly food and feeders.

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Water Gun Painting

Water Gun Painting

If you are looking for a fun yet inexpensive art project then look no further. This water gun painting project was a blast and such a nice change of pace from the regular painting that we usually do! Read more