Road Trip-Friendly Snacks Your Kids Will Love

6 Road Trip-Friendly Snacks Your Kids Will Love

While loading up the car with everything you need for your next road trip, create an easy-to-grab tote filled with snacks for your kids, too. Along with taking up hardly any space, this basket is stuffed with protein-filled items that keep your child fueled — and the travel-friendly options are so fun! You might find yourself sneaking a few nibbles too.

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This New Car Seat Will Change the Way You Travel Forever

I’ve only been a mom for six months, and I’m already exhausted by my two-piece travel system, in which I have to laboriously maneuver a bulky car seat and a separate hard-to-fold stroller every time I go anywhere with my baby. Just getting out the door requires multiple trips and an unplanned upper-body cardio workout — time and energy I’d rather spend with my daughter. So when I heard a company called Simple Parenting had created a game-changing car seat that unfolds into a stroller, I had to get my tired hands on it. The company sent over the Doona ($499), which just hit the market last month, so that I could give it a test-drive. Here’s what I discovered. Read more

Cookie Sheet Travel Fun

Cookie Sheet Travel Fun

When we go to visit family, it’s at least a 5-6 hour drive, or close to 12 when we vacation at the beach. Our boys are 4.5 and 3, so they need a lot of entertaining while we travel. So it’s either come armed with a ton of great ideas to engage them in quiet play from their 5-point harnesses or let them watch ridiculous amounts of TV on a portable DVD player or iPad. I don’t know about you, but I like a little both — handing them toys to stimulate their mind and also letting them zone out a bit. However, I don’t want to load down our precious car space with a ton of toys. I want to conserve space and use what we bring in the most efficient way possible. Read more

15 Travel Hacks For On-the-Move Moms

15 Travel Hacks For On-the-Move Moms

The traveling part (as in getting from point A to point B) of vacationing with kids is an adventure in itself, and we’re always open to any and all suggestions to making it go more smoothly. These 15 hacks won’t guarantee that your toddler won’t have a midflight meltdown, but they will help you to feel as prepared and organized as possible for the journey ahead. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride! Read more

passport check

Have You Checked Your Passport?

Your suitcases are packed, the house is locked, all your kids are seated in the car, so no one has been left home alone, all your papers, plane tickets and other necessary documentation are in the carry-on luggage… But have you really checked everything?

The airport security definitely had to battle some serious laughing when they opened this father’s passport. His definitely-soon-to-be-a-known-artist kid has slightly altered his personal image and information and made the trip a bit complicated for the whole family.

So, dear parents, don’t forget to check your passport before heading to the airport!