Back to School for Moms

Today’s the first day of school throughout much of the nation (yes, we know it is the half of August, but that’s how many school districts roll), and if you’re anything like the ladies of WhatsUpMoms, it’s not all babbling and tears, but freedom and the opportunity to run errands children-free! In honor of our brethren who have packed their first lunchboxes of the year, we give you this oldie, but goodie! Enjoy, ladies . . . we’re just a month behind you!

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MUST WATCH: This Powerful Ad About Distracted Driving

You’ve heard it before, but never has it been illustrated as powerfully as this. AT&T’s latest “It Can Wait” ad brutally shows what can happen when your eyes are taken off the road — even for a second. Where past ads in the anti-texting-and-driving campaign have focused on actual texting while driving, “Close to Home” is designed to remind drivers that even a glance at a phone can result in fatal consequences. Read more

“Mom of the Year”

Laughing Moms created a parody of “Billionaire” entitled “Mom of the Year.” It encapsulates how many of us moms want to live up to mom of the year, yet, we seem to always fall short regardless of how hard we work.

From being up in the night with a crying child and cleaning up “bathroom” messes to having unidentified goo on your clothes and missing showers for a few days or a week, what hard-working mom doesn’t deserve “mom of the year?” Just see if you relate to this section in their perfectly worded lyrics.

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Mom Goggles

Sometimes we wonder how moms do it. From dirty diapers, to cheering on the next Rembrandt…they seem to just see things differently. Our moms see us differently. Watch as two dads get a glimpse at the way moms view the world … and then realize that it goes way beyond what they see.

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Baby Reveal Surprise

Baby Reveal Surprise

Who needs a gender reveal party when you can have a surprise baby reveal? On March 12, Sharon Rademacher entered West Florida Hospital to give birth. When family and friends came to visit her, they couldn’t wait to see if she’d had a boy or a girl. But they were in for the surprise of a lifetime when they pulled back the hospital-room curtain and saw Rademacher holding two baby girls in her arms. Read more

spring no break

Spring NO Break!

When you become a parent, and they hand you that proverbial parenting handbook (ha, ha, we wish!), they forget to tell you that Spring break will never be the same again. Sure, it’s been a few years since you were partying it up with MTV Spring Break, but if you had any notion that when your children were on Spring break from school you would be sunning and surfing your way through the week, you’re in for a rude awakening. Unlike Winter break, which tends to be universal, Spring break is a randomly assigned week off from school that doesn’t always align with your and/or your partner’s work schedules — oftentimes leaving you to fill the week with activities in an attempt to keep the kids from whining, “I’m booooored!”

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Living´for the share

Livin´for The Share – Bon Jovi Parody

Call her the “paparazzi,” the “scenester,” or the mom who just likes to show off how great her life is, but you’re bound to have a few of them showing up on your Facebook feed. You know, the mom who snaps a picture of every place she visits and everything her family does? Well, the very funny moms at What’s Up Moms? (the moms behind our favorite “Blank Space” parody) have her pegged. In their latest video parody, the ladies channel some Bon Jovi (hey, they’ve all got great hair, so why not?) for their version of “Livin’ on a Prayer,” which is appropriately titled “Livin’ For the Share.” Read more