Back to School for Moms

Today’s the first day of school throughout much of the nation (yes, we know it is the half of August, but that’s how many school districts roll), and if you’re anything like the ladies of WhatsUpMoms, it’s not all babbling and tears, but freedom and the opportunity to run errands children-free! In honor of our brethren who have packed their first lunchboxes of the year, we give you this oldie, but goodie! Enjoy, ladies . . . we’re just a month behind you!

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MUST WATCH: This Powerful Ad About Distracted Driving

You’ve heard it before, but never has it been illustrated as powerfully as this. AT&T’s latest “It Can Wait” ad brutally shows what can happen when your eyes are taken off the road — even for a second. Where past ads in the anti-texting-and-driving campaign have focused on actual texting while driving, “Close to Home” is designed to remind drivers that even a glance at a phone can result in fatal consequences. Read more

Picky Eater’s New Anthem

We all gotta eat, which means at some point we’ll all have to cook something. Kids seem to fall into two eating categories: non-stop or non-start. If your kids ask for food a minimum of 15 times per day and say they’re hungry as they’re finishing the last meal you made for them, they belong to the non-stop eaters category.

If you can’t get your kids to take a bite of anything and they have zero interest in food, they fall into the non-start eaters category. Read more

Cooking in the Car

As the Summer temperatures rise, there’s one important message going out to parents: never forget your children in the car on a hot day. We’ve previously seen one dad lock himself in a steamy car to show parents what can happen to their kids, and now a chef is speaking out on the subject. Chef Haim Cohen shared a seemingly innocent video about how to cook pizza in your car. But it quickly takes a dramatic turn once you realize the underlying message. See the shocking results above. Read more

The Doll That Teaches Children the Importance of Sun Protection

No one ever said slathering sunscreen on a small child was easy. They want to get outsideright that second, they are in the middle of playing and can’t deal with you asking them to come over for a reapplication, or maybe you just have a very particular child who happens to hate the feeling of the sticky lotion on her body and will complain the whole way through application (this was me, sorry Mom). Read more

This New Car Seat Will Change the Way You Travel Forever

I’ve only been a mom for six months, and I’m already exhausted by my two-piece travel system, in which I have to laboriously maneuver a bulky car seat and a separate hard-to-fold stroller every time I go anywhere with my baby. Just getting out the door requires multiple trips and an unplanned upper-body cardio workout — time and energy I’d rather spend with my daughter. So when I heard a company called Simple Parenting had created a game-changing car seat that unfolds into a stroller, I had to get my tired hands on it. The company sent over the Doona ($499), which just hit the market last month, so that I could give it a test-drive. Here’s what I discovered. Read more

Baby Band

Want to see something insanely cute? This is 8-month-old Jonah in his very own music video. The little guy spends a lot of time banging wooden spoons on everything from overturned buckets to his parents hardwood flooring. Joe explains: “One time, I held his little hands and did a slightly more complicated drum rudiment. He thought it was hilarious and started cracking up. I knew we had to make it into a video.” Read more