learn to swim

Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

Learning to swim is fun, provides health benefits and could save a child’s life. Sadly, drowning is the third most common form of accidental death in children, so learning to swim really is an essential life skill.

The great thing about swimming is that children of any age, size or ability can take part – and it is more accessible to children with disabilities than most other sports.

Children absolutely love swimming, with one in three saying it’s their favorite family activity.

But it’s not all about having fun, there are other great reasons to get your child swimming:

  • It keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.
  • Your child will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow in confidence.
  • Swimming opens the door to other sports and activities, including: swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, rowing and sailing and even becoming the next Olympic or Paralympic champion!
  • It’s a skill that once learnt is rarely forgotten – there are even swimming events for those aged over 100.
  • Swimming provides challenges, from working through the Kellogg’s ASA Awards to perhaps one day swimming the English Channel.
  • You can’t always be there. It may save their life one day.

Source: www.swimming.org