Emergency Babysitter

Your Emergency Babysitter List

Having a babysitter come to your house for the first time is always a bit stressful for both sides. You can make it easier for your babysitter to respond to emergencies by leaving the following information with them:

  • Your full name (often babysitters don’t know either your first or last name of how to spell it)
  • Exactly where you will be
  • Your cell phone number
  • Emergency phone numbers to the local fire, police, and hospital
  • Children’s full names, ages, birth dates, weight, hair and eye color (in the unlikely case one of your children is lost)
  • Any allergies your children have (including food and medications)
  • Home phone number and home address
  • The alarm code or security code for your home or ensure it is turned off
  • Full names and phone numbers for neighbors, friends and close relatives
  • Location of flashlight, batteries, candles and first aid kits
  • Location of medicines (if children are taking them) with clear instructions as to time and dosage
  • Any information about the pets you have (such as feeding, care, sleeping arrangements, etc.)
  • Instructions on how to use the appliances, TV and other media in your home

Knowing you’ve taken the extra time to find a good babysitter and to give them all the information they need, can make your evening out way more relaxing.

Source: nursetogether.com / image: huffingtonpost.com